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As a rule, we produce our Cold brew coffee in small batches and make most of the work ourselves: We develop a roasting profile, roast the coffee beans, and then manufacture our noar Cold brew via the Cold drip process. The reason why we produce in small batches is quite simple: nature and the Colombian coffee farmers offer us a specific quantity of high-class green coffee for sale during every harvest. As a rule, the harvest of high-quality coffee is very limited.

Yeah, that sounds cheesy. To us quality is more important than quantity.

The beauty of producing smaller batches and individual roasts is that with each batch we can develop a different taste profile.

2nd Batch of noar Cold Brew Coffee

1st Batch of noar Cold Brew Coffee

Coffee is something special and a core element of our culture. Is there ever a moment when coffee drinkers do not drink coffee? Whether it is in the morning for breakfast, during an early meeting, after lunch for a quick boost of energy or when you meet your loved ones in the afternoon. But no matter the occasion: there is always coffee on the table.

Did you also know that drip coffee is the favourite and most common drink in Germany? At first we could not believe it either. But Statista has proven it to us and even the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has covered it.

At noar, we want to contribute to the German (and international) coffee culture. This is why we bring a new coffee celebrity into the spotlight: from now on noar Cold brew coffee is a force to be reckoned with!

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