Agnieszka Rojewska

Coffee has no boundaries.

We have taken the occasion of International Women’s Day to talk to interesting and strong women in the coffee industry. The coffee business is still very much a male dominated industry worldwide. These coffee ladies skilfully prove to us: enjoying coffee is very much a woman’s business. And inspire us with their stories of solidarity and indulgence.

Agnieszka Rojewska is Word Barista Champion 2018.

Hi Agnieszka, where are you from and where do you currently live?
I’m from Poznán, a city in west-central Poland. Poznán is the fifth-largest city in Poland with about 550.000 people living here.

What do you do professionally in the coffee industry?
I work as a freelance barista and barista trainer worldwide.

What advice can you give to our readers as to succeeding in a male dominated work environment? Which of your qualities would you consider as your key to success?
Be strong and patient. Do your job the best you can.

What is your favorite thing about coffee?
That coffee has no boundaries. It is being grown and harvested in one country and being transported to the next for packaging. In the third country it is roasted and, finally, ground and brewed in the fourth. Coffee is a global product, a real globetrotter.

Which coffee specialty is currently your favorite? Can you recommend a certain speciality that our readers should try?
I recommend to try as many different ones as possible to find your favorite kind. I like any coffee and do not have any preferences.

How important is coffee for your culture and for your family?
Well, it is just part of our daily routine.

Tell us an anecdote about you and coffee.
Hmmm, let me think, that one is difficult. Most of the time I drink cold coffee because I forgot that I brewed it.

What can you tell our readers in order for them to make better coffee at home?
Grind fresh! And buy your coffee at a roastery and not at the supermarket. Because there your coffee has been stored for a while and has lost most of its flavor.

What do you enjoy best with your coffee?
Just coffee. I don’t need more. 🙂

How should one proceed if they want to become a great barista?
Practice, practice, practice. The more coffee you make, the better you understand it. And that’s a good base for any career.

Where do you see barista work in 5 to 10 years?
That’s hard to say… The changes are too dynamic.

Dear Agnieszka, thank you for sharing valuable insights with us!

If you want to know more about Agnieszka follow her on instagram @agarojewska.