Make Your Own Cold Brew Coffee

You can easily make your own Cold brew coffee in your home kitchen with the immersion method using a classic French press.

There are four criteria that determine the taste:

  1. the degree of roasting of your coffee beans
  2. the grinding degree of the coffee beans
  3. brewing time
  4. water hardness (can be neglected at the beginning)

For noar Cold brew coffee we use pure Arabica coffee beans from Colombia which we roast lightly so that the Cold brew has a flavor of chocolate and nuts. As a general rule, if you want to make your own Cold brew coffee you should use coffee beans that have been roasted to a medium to light color.

How to prepare Cold brew coffee


  • 1 litre of cold water (depending on the size of your container)
  • 90 g coarsely ground coffee beans

If you want to make your Cold brew using a French Press:

  • 750 ml of cold water
  • 60 g coarsely ground coffee beans


  1. Put the ground coffee in a glass jar.
  2. Add the cold water and make sure that the coffee powder is completely soaked.
  3. Leave the mixture to soak in the fridge for 16 hours.
  4. Now filter it…
  5. … and your Cold brew coffee is ready to enjoy! Whether as a cocktail, a non-alcoholic drink or simply on the rocks.

How to work magic with your own Cold brew coffee

The great thing about Cold brew coffee is that it is a versatile drink. You can have it straight, mix it with tonic or gin, of course, or make it a White Russian. Here are some of our Cold brew favorites.

Cold Brew Coffee on the Rocks

It is best to taste your Cold brew coffee chilled and pure at first, so that you get to know the true taste of Cold brew. You can also add ice cubes or a piece of orange peel as a topping.

Cold Brew X Tonic

Drinking Cold brew coffee straight is a treat in itself. Next time you have visitors who travel by car you can offer them the ultimate non-alcoholic cocktail: Cold brew and tonic! Simply fill a glass with ice cubes and mix 2cl Tonic with 3cl Cold Brew.

Here is the full recipe: Cold Brew X Tonic

White Russian (Dude Style)

Our Munich friends at LION’s Vodka have developed a White Russian recipe featuring noar Cold brew coffee.

Ingredients: LION’s Vodka, noar Cold brew coffee, milk, sugar syrup, ice cubes.

Click here for the full recipe: White Russian (Dude Style)

More Cold Brew Cocktail Recipes

We are currently working on compiling the best recipes and a formula for you to make your own Cold brew coffee at home!

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