The Story about Cold Drip Coffee

Cold drip coffee hasn’t been invented by your favorite coffee shop. It’s history goes way back into the 17th Century.

Dutch Ice Coffee – The Traders’ Ambrosia

As you may know, Cold drip coffee also goes by the name “Dutch ice coffee”. And the reason for this is – who would have guessed – because Dutch people invented this delicious icy beverage. Holland is located by the sea and the Dutch have always been a seafaring nation. Since about 1600 they had also been roaming Southeast Asia. They used “The Dutch East Indies”, which we now know as Indonesia, as their foothold.

Apparently in the 17th century it was a complicated task to brew fresh coffee every day on a merchant ship. However, the merchant travellers did not want to live without their daily caffeine intake. And so they invented cold drip coffee. Even then, it could be stored and transported for up to three weeks making it perfectly suited for the adventures of a sea voyage.

The Evolution: Japanese Coffee Kyoto Style

It was these adventurous Dutchmen who (presumably) brought the cold drip method to Japan. In any case, there are records that trace the brewing method back in Japan for over 400 years. During the course of these centuries, the Japanese have developed an artistic method from the Dutch’s emergency solution: Japanese cold brew drippers are tall, elegant glass towers that contain tanks filled with ice water.

This is a Cold Drip Coffee Tower made by Hario.

This Cold drip coffee dripper made by the Japanese brand Hario fascinates with its elegant design. It shows how noar Cold brew coffee is being brewed during a tasting.

Single drops of water gradually drip, pass through the coffee powder, and extract the best of the coffee bean: the finest aromas and caffeine. The result is high-quality cold drip coffee. Kyoto style cold drip coffee nowadays has become an art form in itself.

Cold Drip as a Fashionable Beverage since 2010

For about 10 years now more and more cold drip towers have found their way into the USA and Europe: cold drip coffee has started to conquer the western hemisphere with its aroma and elegance. There are several reasons why this trend has finally reached us now:

  • There is a general trend that shifts away from everything that is mainstream and leans towards quality, optimized enjoyment, and health awareness. Good cold drip coffee unites all three aspects: it is of high quality, intensely tasty and easily digestible.
  • Japanese coffee accessories are among the best in the world. Along with all the other coffee appliances from Japan, cold drip towers are steadily making their way into the West.
  • Cold drip coffee has a long shelf life: bottled in an airtight container and sufficiently cooled it can last for up to 10 days. This places Cold Drip among the few high-quality coffee products that you can buy ready-made – and that are still free of stabilizers or other additives.

For most people, coffee that has been brewed with hot water is still considered the standard, even though cold brewed coffee has been around for over four centuries. However, in the days before electricity, when making fire was still a lot of work, cold brew may have been the standard way of making coffee.

noar Cold Drip Coffee ist Teil einer reichen Cold Drip Coffee Geschichte, die mindestens bis ins 16. Jahrhundert zurückgeht

noar ist Teil dieser reichen Cold Drip Coffee Geschichte, die mindestens bis ins 17. Jahrhundert zurückgeht

We are happy to continue this long and enjoyable tradition with noar cold brew coffee and look forward to seeing in which direction baristas around the world will develop the cold drip method in the years to come.